Support and resistance can be established in a variety of ways. Commercially available Market Profile indicators which read both daily and composite value areas and points of control are very effective when viewed in the context of other heavily traded markets.

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Understanding how to read the PREM is perhaps the single best investment any trader can make. There are few places in the world that teach it. You have just located one of the best. Program trade execution levels follow the premium closely. By knowing how to read the premium you will keep in step with program trading which constitutes well over 60% of market volume each day.

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RSKsys has always been intrigued with gaps. Little wonder, because gaps are almost always filled. RSKsys can monitor gap activity at any interval including tick and share bars. Gap trading is frequently not much more than a scalp. However at times significant trades can be achieved. See how we identify these gaps and notice the high probability trading opportunity.

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While there are dozens of ways of defining divergence, our system makes use of a unique indicator for identifying divergence on the spoos. Divergence frequently signals a tradeable move in the market and therefore, serves as a leading indicator.

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1st of 3 Easy Trading Styles

Scalpers Dream uses specialized indicators across a spectrum of market symbols entering trades when OBOS conditions are confirmed.

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2nd of 3 Easy Trading Styles

Protrader uses all the mechanical rules we follow in taking high probability trades. We use the same method every single day. Its not easy but it clearly works. Watch and see if you do not agree.

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3rd of 3 Easy Trading Styles

HomeRun uses a well established calculation that predicts how far the market will typically move after the Initial Balance is determined. By following the rules for trade entry described in ProTrader, we maximize our trading profits.

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RSKsys Intl is committed to the ongoing development of consistently profitable Emini S&P Futures Trading systems and strategies for the commodity futures commonly called the Spoos. Our technical analysis has thus far been nothing short of remarkable. This site will give you a glimpse into one of the most robust online trading systems to be found anywhere at any price.

The RSKsys Emini S&P Trading System is designed to make use of a variety of indices and indicators such as the PREM, TIKI, VIX, as well as specialized Market Profile and Jurik indicators . The RSKsys Trading System is not a single fixed strategy, but, a methodology designed to capitalized on a variety of trading opportunities.

If you enjoy online trading and want a system that will aid you to dramatically improve your returns, our trading software is for you. Learn to trade the futures market with one of the most coveted trading systems available.


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Our Motto:Never have a net loss by the end of the day!


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